Black annealed large coils

The best-selling wire for baling presses and the whole recycling industry.


The wire specific for waste and recycling industry

Bottaro’s black annealed large coils in BWR-quality are one of the most sold products in the recycling industry, in which Bottaro has always made the difference. More than sixty years of experience and a continuous study on recycling plants allowed us to produce our BWR: the first wire specific for baling presses.

Weight (kg)50010001,80 - 6,00
Internal ∅ (mm)450 - 550450 - 550
External ∅ (mm)800 - 950800 - 950
Height (mm)450 - 550800 - 900
Pallet, polyethylene film, oil, other options on specific request

500-Kg coils or 1.000-Kg coils

This product is available in two different sizes: 500 Kg and 1.000 Kg. To use the 1.000-Kg coils in your plant there are two different solutions. Read on to get through the content.

The wire drawn especially for baling presses


Our wire is produced in BWR quality: the most performing technology available on the packaging market.

The perfect wire for major consumers


This particular steel wire is chosen by facilities with high consumption.

Oiled wire

The lubrication of the wire is one of the most requested additional option that we offer our customers. Of over 6,000 tonnes of iron wire sold every month, more than 35% is oiled. Our innovative packaging system called XSYSTEM guarantees a safe transport and storage.

XSYSTEM™ for a transport without issues

The coils is stacked vertically on a pallet and the XSYSTEM wooden cross guarantees maximum stability during transport and handling inside the warehouse. It is a real innovative packing method, result of an cutting-edge team.

Packaging options

Most of our products are sold on wooden pallets and packed with film in order to provide the most suitable solution for our customer. Alternatively we can provide dry coils without pallets directly leaned on a flatbed truck.

Who recommends BWR

BWR+ is a top brand in the recycling industry. Worldwide associations recommend the use of Bottaro’s Wire.

Choose the guarantee of a certified brand. Pick Bottaro’s products

Bottaro follows the entire production chain choosing high quality European wire rods and an ecological production process certified ISO: 9001. An uncompromising choice of responsibility that puts the person and the values first.

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