Baling Wire

BWR is the specific baling wire for all presses


Choose BWR Plus, the wire with increased mechanical properties and a smaller diameter.


Your press deserves a wire with unique performance

A significant step forward compared to the classic black annealed wire. Compatible on all types of presses (to bale paper, aluminium, plastic, etc.).

The wire compatible on all types of presses:
  • Paper
  • MSW
  • Hay
  • Plastic
  • Aluminium

A wire of superior quality

  • Has no
    breaking issues
  • Flows perfectly
    without interruption
  • Decreases
    maintenance costs


Extend the life of your press!

Our wire, at the same strength, is more pliable and reduces friction on mechanical components subject to wear, such as the binder and the unwinding pulleys.

All eyes on our BWR

BWR appeared in various newspapers and magazines all over the world: you can read and download all articles here.

Who recommends BWR

BWR+ is a top brand in the recycling industry. Worldwide associations recommend the use of Bottaro’s Wire.

Many competitors write it, we show it for real

The wire we produce is also used internally by our service centre, on robot-supported devices with an average speed of 180 mt/minute.