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Nicholas Galvanizing: New Jersey’s galvanizing company chooses BWG™ for the third consecutive year

Interview with Emmet Gregory, CEO of Nicholas Galvanizing and a member of the American Galvanizers Association.

In the hot-dip galvanizing industry, a growing number of companies worldwide are choosing Bottaro BWG™ and BWG™Plus wire to increase productivity and safety in their plants. But, which are the most appreciated features of Bottaro wire for hot-dip galvanizing? 

During a recent trip to North America, we had the opportunity to interview Emmet Gregory, CEO of Nicholas Galvanizing, a company based in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, and a member of the American Galvanizer Association. Nicholas Galvanizing has been using Bottaro wire for over three years. In this interview, we asked Gregory about the features of Bottaro wire for hot-dip galvanizing that are most appreciated and whether their plant benefited from using our wire.

Which Bottaro product do you use? And for how long?

“We have been using cut-to-length black annealed wire bars for galvanizing for 3 years.”

Which advantages and benefits have you gained from using Bottaro wire?

“Bottaro BWG™ wire offers a unique combination of strength and malleability. This feature allows us to safely process heavy materials by using less wire. Furthermore, the wire is cleaner and easier to work with, compared to the wire we used in the past, allowing us to maintain overall cleanliness in the plant and workplace tools.”

Why did you choose Bottaro?

“Bottaro wire has become our first choice because of its high quality. Additionally, the prompt and personalized customer service has been greatly appreciated. We are very grateful to always rely on the consistent quality of the product and services.”

This interview provides direct testimony of the benefits that Bottaro wire offers to galvanizing companies, highlighting the distinctive features that improve efficiency and safety in the work environment.

A special thanks to Emmet Gregory, CEO of Nicholas Galvanizing, for sharing his experience and choosing to rely on Bottaro wire for hot-dip galvanizing.

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BWG™: The choice for those who want efficiency to drive their galvanizing plant

Bottaro has developed BWG™ – Bottaro Wire Galvanizing – in collaboration with important industry associations and academic institutions. It is a wire for hot-dip galvanizing, characterized by malleability, strength, and low zinc absorption.

The mechanical properties of this product ensure safety and efficiency in its use, as demonstrated by Nicholas Galvanizing’s successful case. Let’s see what sets BWG™ apart.


BWG™ wire is highly malleable while remaining strong. This provides increased safety on two fronts. On one hand, the wire’s strength ensures high breaking loads when used correctly. On the other hand, its malleability eases the work of operators during tying operations, reducing effort and the risk of wrist and tendon inflammations.


The wire’s particular strength – guaranteed by the robotized production with sensors throughout the entire production cycle – and the use of greater thickness (from 3 to 5 mm) allow for better plant efficiency, especially in terms of wire and zinc savings.

By using wire with a larger diameter, it is possible to reduce the number of wires used in tying and, consequently, the surface area where the zinc coating adheres the most. The result is a lower consumption of wire and zinc – precious raw materials – with economic benefits for the environment and positive environmental impacts. For more information on zinc savings, read the article “Save zinc with a thicker wire“.



Bottaro Wire reaches over 52 countries worldwide every day through a fast, safe, and punctual logistics network. The company’s developed logistics system ensures shipments in 48/72 hours throughout Europe, in 22 days in Canada and the United States, and in 45 days to other destinations (Australia, Southeast Asia, Arab countries, and North Africa). The service can be carried out directly by Bottaro or by relying on the network of selected international distributors.

Furthermore, the material is packaged specifically to be protected during transportation, monitoring humidity, temperature fluctuations, and avoiding thermal shocks and physical trauma. To achieve this, a wide range of packaging solutions are used, such as anti-oxidation stretch film or the x-system, to maintain the quality of the wire without damaging it.

In addition to ensuring secure transportation systems, Bottaro’s logistics also provides a range of useful services, such as multilingual customer service, support at every stage – from ordering to shipping and arrival – and shipment monitoring. For more information on Bottaro’s logistics, read “International Logistics, a journey around the world“.

From left: Emmet Gregory – CEO Nicholas Galvanizing, Alberto Bottaro, Fernando Correia – Country Manager Bottaro, other operators.


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