Suppliers and quality policy: the Pittini case

To Bottaro quality and sustainability are concrete values that are part of the daily reality of the company, of the decision-making and production processes. These principles guide Bottaro’s selection of all suppliers, from packaging to green lubricants, from energy to raw materials. From this partnership, a communication project aimed at explaining the complexity of the concept of sustainability was born.

In this article we will discuss:

  • The partnership with Pittini
  • Why share reasons?
  • An interview with the President, Alberto Bottaro


The partnership with Pittini

Among wire rod suppliers, Bottaro also chose the Pittini Group, a historic Italian steel mill known around the world for the quality of its circular chain products. For many years the Group has developed a multi-channel communication strategy to communicate its values. Among them is also the #BeAhead project: an account – carried out through blog articles – of the varied ways in which Pittini steel is employed for the construction of objects, for structural and building work, in the field of mechanics and the welding industry. 

In November 2022 the Pittini Group got in touch with Bottaro’s marketing office, asking the company to be part of the “steel stories” of the #BeAhead project to share the process of transformation of the wire rod into products – iron wire – destined to recycling, hot dip galvanizing, manufacturing, agriculture, and the construction industry, and the advantages of choosing a high-quality raw material like the Group’s one.

Since the two companies share many values – innovation, occupational health protection, respect for the environment and sustainability – Bottaro didn’t let this opportunity slip, demonstrating once again its ability and willingness to take a challenge and work in a team.

Thus were born a video interview with President Alberto Bottaro and an article for the #BeAhead blog, in which the engineer listed the reasons that have led the company based in Novate Milanese to choose the Pittini Group as one of its wire rod suppliers.

Why share reasons?

For many years now Bottaro has been committed to disseminating their constant effort to develop a conscious business, based on ethical values that focus on the environment and on people. An effort that has been told many times through the company’s communication and advertising channels, for example in the video spot “Il filo invisibile” (The Invisible Wire).

For this reason, Bottaro saw in Pittini’s proposal the opportunity to address a key issue for company sustainability policy – supplier selection.

The need to also talk about this aspect stems from the desire to guide clients and stakeholders on a journey of discovery of the reasons behind all the company’s choices, thus making them aware of the added value of a premium product such as Bottaro wire.

Sustainability concerns every aspect of production

One of the goals of the Bottaro-Pittini video interview is to convey an important message: reducing waste and using energy from renewable sources or eco-friendly materials isn’t enough to be sustainable. A company is sustainable when it is part of a network of companies which in turn apply sustainability and circular economy principles to their production process.

This means that a “green” company accurately selects their suppliers and verifies that they respect certain quality and environmental standards.

In choosing its suppliers, Bottaro followed strict rules to be sure to work only with companies that share the same vision of the future.

An interview with the President, Alberto Bottaro

We now give the floor to engineer Alberto Bottaro, who talked about Pittini in front of the wire rod supplier marketing team’s cameras.

Please introduce yourself and your company.

«I am Alberto Bottaro, President of Bottaro Mario S.r.l., and together with my brother Marco I manage the factory founded by my father in 1956.
We produce iron wire for the industrial sector, specifically recycling, hot dip galvanizing, agriculture, and primary sectors for the development of the planet.
Bottaro is present globally and our products are shipped to over 50 countries worldwide with the support of several foreign branches and distributors, hence our motto: “Bottaro, World Wire Maker”.»

What products does your company specialize in?

«We produce several products, the main ones being BWR™ and BWG™: the former is destined for the recycling sector, the latter for hot dip galvanizing.
Both are premium products with unique qualities. BWR™ – Bottaro Wire Recycling – is a unique wire for its mechanic properties and is compatible with any kind of recycling baler, while the BWG™ – Bottaro Wire Galvanizing – is employed manually and its special malleability and low zinc absorption are the two features that make it a high-quality product.»

How does Bottaro support the recycling chain?

«Iron wire is fundamental for a circular economy. Indeed, it is used to compact any type of waste, such as plastic, cardboard, and foam material, and it also serves to transport it safely and ecologically.»

What role does the choice of suppliers play in the quality of the final product?

«Bottaro has a comprehensive environmental policy shared by all its collaborators and selects suppliers like Pittini according to certain characteristics. The use of energy from renewable resources thanks to photovoltaic systems, the energy efficiency, the selection of recyclable and non-polluting material, and an ethical code which protects workers and the working environment are all examples of it.»

What advantages does the partnership with PITTINI as a wire rod supplier offer?

«The choice of buying Pittini wire rod stems from the company offering a top-quality product. One of its top features is the packaging, which is fundamental for our company because it allows us to safely transport the wire rod and store it in our warehouses risk-free.
The good packaging leads to increased productivity of the wire drawing plants and allows to reduce waste: important aspects in terms of circular economy and company profitability. Having little machine downtime during the day leads to significant power savings, because there are fewer restarts and the level of safety of workers rises considerably.»

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