Wire for Hot Dip Galvanizing Process

A low-zinc absorption wire specific for the galvanizing process: safe, pliable and resistant




Save zinc now! Switch to the high thicknesses

Thicker is better. Never so soft. Never so strong.. High performance wire up to 5 gauge.


The result of a multidisciplinary research

The BWG developed in collaboration with the major galvanizing associations all over the world.

A more pliable Wire

The malleability of the wire makes the binding operations easier and it allows to improve the productivity by 30%.

Why choose BWG for your galvanizing plant?

  • The lowest zinc
    absorption ever seen
  • Improved tensile strength
    and elongation standards
  • The most pliable
    wire ever

How did we develop this wire?

Bottaro has been working for years with the major companies and associations in the Hot-dip Galvanizing Industry to optimize the BWG wire.

Who reccomends BWG

BWG is the top brand in the hot-dip galvanizing industry. Two sector’s leaders recommend Bottaro’s wire to get the best performance.


All eyes on our BWG

BWG appeared in various newspapers and magazines all over the world: you can read and download all articles here.

Download our technical studies

We kindly ask you to fill in the fields hereunder to receive a the copy of the technical study made in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of region Marche and consult the test results.