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Anti COVID 19 treatment for all Bottaro products

Since the Corona Virus pandemic outbreak, Bottaro took action to provide sanitized products and to guarantee the highest safety level Anti COVID 19 for the production and logistics processes.

The guide lines of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), CDC in the USA and WHO point out 3 milestones:

1. To maintain always an appropriate ventilation and air exchange level
2. To clean surfaces and items accurately with water and neutral cleaning products;
3. To use the appropriate officially registered and recommended by the authorities Anti-Covid 19 cleaning products for the disinfection

Why Bottaro products are Anti COVID 19?

In these last months, the whole world had to face the Corona Virus problem by shutting down the companies for months and sanitizing work stations, completely reorganizing business processes to comply with the national and international standards. 

Bottaro’s high hygiene and packaging standards were updated by adjusting the control and product sanitization processes. Completely automized production and sever regulations for the logistics department allow to guarantee the materials and packaging sanitization in order to hold the spread of COVID 19

1. Sanitization: Our products, packaging materials and pallets are treated with a special custom-made for Bottaro cleaning product. The disinfectant we are using evaporates fast and does not affect our material’s properties.

2. Logistics: Our goods are produced and stocked in the well-ventilated area, then they are loaded and delivered. Bottaro team members and transport company employees respect the social distancing rules.

3. Robotized production: Robotized production and automated system have always allowed the employees to handle the iron wire the least possible

Our engineers and laboratories have started an immediate collaboration with our suppliers and chemical departments to determine the best products for the surface and environment sanitization. Particularly, all packaging surfaces are treated with the certificated product based on the denaturated ethyl alcohol.

Constant investments in automatization and robotics Industry 4.0 allow us to offer controlled and sanitized products. Bottaro has always cared and respected environment and people followed the import rules of every single country offering the innovative technological and hygienic organization of the production and transportation processes.

What are the new customer requirements by choosing a product?

Environment, health and technology will be always the characteristics that determine the supplier’s and product’s choice. In the last few years, Bottaro has made its major investments in:

– technology for the production of goods and for the departments cleaning 
– improving work stations of our employees and areas dedicated to our guests
– constant update on the international regulations

Choose quality and safety! Fight COVID 19 with us, together we will win and come back to live a normal life!

Bottaro invests in the Industry 4.0 for a safer and technological future

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