Baling Wire for Presses BWR Plus

Increased mechanical properties. Small diameter. Superior metric development.


More meters of wire.
Same weight.

Try it!


BALE SIZE (not mandatory)


Anti Covid 19 treatment for all Bottaro products

Since the Corona Virus pandemic outbreak Bottaro took action to provide sanitized products and to guarantee the highest safety level Anti COVID 19 for the production and logistics processes.

Grow your business

BWR+ is the only special steel wire ideal for companies with high consumption. The diameter of the wire is reduced compared to that normally used, therefore it allows to tie a number of bales almost two times higher, with the same quantity of material.

Save up to 40% on the meters of wire used for a single bale.

The diameter of the wire is reduced compared to the one normally used, it allows therefore to bind almost the double number of bales with the same quantity of material.

A wire of superior quality

  • More resistant
    and safer
  • Reduced diameter,
    less iron used
  • Save up to 40%
    on large quantities


All eyes on our BWR+PLUS™

BWR+PLUS™ appeared in various newspapers and magazines all over the world: you can read and download all articles here.

Many competitors write it, we show it for real

The wire we produce is also used internally by our service centre, on robot-supported devices with an average speed of 180 mt/minute.