Why choose Bottaro?

10+1 reasons for choosing our top service and high-quality products

Exclusive products for all application fields

All trademarks have been registered and represent the quality and uniqueness of the products

Pure technology

Our products are the result of the collaboration with associations, universities and research laboratories

Large numbers for big customers

The flexibility of our production plant allows us to produce more than 6,000 tons per month

Distance is not an issue

Italian quality delivered all over the world: from the United States to Canada, from Europe all the way to Australia

Highly selected team

Skilled staff supervise a cutting edge and robot-supported production


Speed is our strength

Deliveries in Europe within 72 hours

We speak your language

Our multilingual staff speaks Italian, English, German, French and Spanish

Our wire is immediately recognisable

Safe and practical packaging: nothing is left to chance, we focus on details

Your orders are always under control

We track all stages of logistics and constantly check transport safety

UNI EN ISO 9001 certified

A certified ecological production process for a responsible management

Code of conduct

Most people say it, we prove it: download our code of conduct here

Code of Conduct