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BOTTARO USA Inc: Beyond Borders, Closer to Customers

Bottaro has taken a significant step: the expansion into the United States with the establishment of Bottaro USA Inc, enabling it to serve its customers more efficiently and quickly through a headquarters in New York and various logistics facilities across the country. In this interview, President Alberto Bottaro discusses the evolution of the Italian company in the United States.

What is the idea behind Bottaro’s expansion into the USA?

The idea stems from the desire to be present on American soil with our Made in Italy material, without the waiting times imposed by import windows. To meet our customers’ needs, we have opened strategic warehouses in the USA, starting from Miami, Tacoma, New Jersey, and Cleveland, and soon we will open one in San Francisco.

What advantages does this direct presence on American territory offer?

Having warehouses in the USA allows us to guarantee our customers and potential customers the immediate availability of goods. We have noticed that the American consumer tends to place more frequent orders of smaller quantities. We have therefore adapted to these needs, managing to serve even customers who were previously out of our reach due to time and logistical costs.

How have you adapted your business model to the American market?

Before embarking on this adventure, we sensed the American market’s need for a new player capable of providing quality material in short times, to meet the needs of plants using black-annealed iron wire for Single RAM presses and high-tensile galvanized wire for Double RAM presses. We have thus exported our model, consolidated over 60 years of success in Europe, adapting it to the specific needs of the American market.

Is there anything that struck you about the technology used or the organization in American facilities?

Yes, we noticed that a large percentage of the personnel working in the facilities are foreigners and new to the recovery and recycling sector, with technical training that often does not allow them to maximize the potential of the plants and the products they use, specifically, our wire. For this reason, we have embarked on a path aimed at improving training and internal culture at the facilities. How? We are working to transfer European and Italian know-how, creating various materials that explain the correct use of our products, thus enhancing their quality. Examples include the new product labels, the 3D video, and the guide we have prepared on the use of Bottaro’s high-tensile galvanized wire BWR™ GalvaHT for Double RAM presses.

What is Bottaro’s vision for the future in the United States?

Our intention is to root ourselves more firmly in the territory through sales representatives and, in parallel, to open offices with our representatives present on-site. This will allow us to be even closer to customers and to respond promptly to their needs.

Bottaro’s expansion into the United States represents not only a significant step forward for the company but also a significant advantage for the American recycling industry. With a direct presence in the territory, Bottaro is able to offer high-quality products with optimized delivery times, thus meeting the specific needs of the American market. The company’s future vision promises further developments and a constant commitment to innovation and sustainability.

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