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More than just wire: Bottaro’s economic effort

Buying Bottaro wire means paying more. It might seem unreasonable, but this is the main reason customers choose Bottaro. While these customers clearly understand the causes, for others, this opening statement might seem to be a paradox. This is why Bottaro has decided to transparently explain the reasons for its pricing policies.

In this article we will discuss:

  • Being an excellent value for money is no longer enough
  • With Bottaro, quality never travels alone
  • Logistics: the cost of efficiency
  • Research and development: the cost of innovation
  • Customer service: the cost of digitisation
  • Marketing: the cost of communicating
  • Environmental responsibility: the cost of a better world
  • Bottaro wire: the cost of a better product

Being an excellent value for money is no longer enough

Value for money has always been one of the best indicators to consider when going forward with a purchase.

However, today this evaluation is no longer enough.

It is definitely simplistic, because a company’s product is not only what we see on the shelf and whose true quality we can test for ourselves. There is also hidden value, which the end consumer often cannot immediately perceive. A product can indeed increase its intrinsic value through a variety of complementary services and factors linked to it.

Making customers understand that perceived quality depends on many different factors is one of the most difficult challenges for those who, like Bottaro, know they offer more than just an excellent product.

With Bottaro, quality never travels alone

In an attempt to meet this challenge, Bottaro has identified five macro-areas within it which go beyond quality in and of itself but are able to increase the product’s intrinsic value.

The areas in question, not accidentally, are also those in which Bottaro decides to invest the most each year, in order to be able to offer a product that is always above average, ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Therefore, in addition to the undisputed quality of Bottaro products, there are other considerations that a businessperson will have to take into account during the purchasing phase.

Logistics: the cost of efficiency

Bottaro ships 6,000 tonnes of material monthly to 52 countries all over the world, guaranteeing rapid transportation, secure travel and prompt deliveries.

Delivery coordination, which has been organised over the years with time optimisation in mind, uses road, rail and sea transport, guaranteeing shipments in 48/72 hours throughout Europe, 22 days to Canada and the United States, and 45 days to other destinations (Australia, South-East Asia, Arab countries and North Africa).

The shipped product benefits from a wide range of useful services offered by Bottaro to facilitate the customer at all stages, from the moment the order is received to product delivery.

  • Multilingual customer service: Bottaro offers its customers highly qualified personnel who are native speakers and able to communicate in five different languages (Italian, English, German, French and Spanish).
  • Support during the ordering phase: when an order is placed, our personnel immediately proceed to communicate the delivery coordinates to the relevant customs and forwarding agents. At the same time, it precisely describes to the customer the activities to be carried out when the shipment of wire reaches its destination.
  • Secure and customised packaging: Bottaro’s priority is to protect the material throughout transport, monitoring humidity, temperature changes and avoiding thermal shocks and physical trauma. In order to do this, the company uses a wide range of packaging solutions, such as anti-oxidation stretch film or the x-system, which allow the quality of the wire to be maintained without damaging it.
  • Loading of goods: state-of-the-art equipment, a selected fleet of vehicles and a specially trained team enable packed goods to be loaded onto international trucks or containers quickly and with maximum safety for operators and goods.
  • Shipment tracking service: modern technology allows Bottaro to verify and track every stage of operations and shipments via satellite coordinates and, at the same time, offer an innovative service to the customer, who receives an updated report on the situation directly on their devices, with the location of the goods, photographs of the loads, the number of containers, ETA and ETD data and the vehicle’s number plate.

For further information on Bottaro’s logistics please read “International logistics: a journey around the world”.

Bottaro’s efficient logistics service demonstrates how the company’s investment in software able to manage and optimise all phases of transport and guaranteeing speed, control and security on delivery, represents, in fact, an added value to the end product’s quality which should be considered by the forward-thinking businessperson when doing the cost-benefit analysis during the purchasing stage.

Research and development: the cost of innovation

The goal of continuous improvement, offering better performing products every day, is pursued by Bottaro in no less than three research laboratories found in the company.

Therefore, investing in research and development enables certain priority objectives to be achieved in order to offer a product of quality.

  • Developing innovative products and testing them, also in collaboration with universities and industry associations.
  • Supporting customers in choosing the most suitable wire for them, through ad hoc laboratory tests.
  • Conducting tests on wire, to ensure its excellence.
  • Intervening in emergency situations. For example, during the pandemic, an anti-covid sanitisation treatment was developed for all goods, packaging and pallets with a specific disinfectant product that does not change the characteristics of the materials. Please refer to “Anti COVID 19 treatment for all Bottaro products” for further information on the subject.

Customer service: the cost of digitisation

Bottaro has always placed customers at the centre of each corporate strategy.

Maintaining open contact and supporting them at every stage is essential to satisfying them and being able to respond to any needs promptly.

Having to keep as many channels open as possible to assist its customers has led the company to expand its contact methods, flanking the more traditional phone calls, business meetings and participation in trade shows with more innovative digital solutions, such as video calls and remote working possibilities, which, especially during the pandemic, have seen a considerable acceleration in use.

Marketing: the cost of communicating

The process of corporate digitisation has undoubtedly broadened geographical horizons and the possibilities of communicating with the outside world, also overcoming the limits imposed by the pandemic and bringing the company even closer to its customers and international industry associations.

Overall, Bottaro’s communication investments have increased due to the company’s decision to implement a multi-channel communication strategy able to take advantage of both traditional and digital channels which is paying off in terms of visibility, reputation and leadership in the industry.

Traditiona channels

Investment in traditional communication, useful for achieving extensive national and international visibility, was channelled through three specific means:

  • Television: Il Filo Invisibile (The Invisible Wire) commercial, broadcast on Sky and La7 and on the air until December 2022. Read about this in “How many professionals does it take to wind wire?
  • Press: publications in sports newspapers, national newspapers and trade magazines (About us).
  • Trade shows: the most recent include IFAT in Munich, INTEGALVA in Rome and WIRE&TUBE in Düsseldorf.

Digital channels

Investment in digitisation also took form in all-encompassing digital communication, integrated and always consistent with the goals of brand awareness and reputation, lead generation and lead nurturing and environmental awareness.

The tools used for this purpose are:

  • A website updated weekly in the News section
  • A publishing plan with one blog article issued monthly
  • Four newsletters are sent monthly
  • An active LinkedIn profile
  • The publication of videos on the YouTube channel
  • The Wire Style column on the excellence, culture and art of Italy
  • Articles and content published on international digital publications
  • Participation at the Expometals trade show with an online stand

Environmental responsibility: the cost of a better world

Innovation and technology are therefore at the heart of Bottaro’s policies, but also with in-depth focus on issues related to employee health and working conditions and environmental well-being.

With regard to the latter, Bottaro has always distinguished itself by raising awareness amongst its employees and towards suppliers and customers. The philosophy of a circular economy and sustainable resource conservation is the cornerstone of the company’s communication linked to responsibility and respect for the planet.

This message takes concrete form, first and foremost, in the commitment to achieve an increasingly sustainable supply chain, in which not only Bottaro, but also its suppliers work every day to prevent waste and act more responsibly.

Bottaro, in particular, is putting great emphasis on investments aimed at energy efficiency and the improved sustainability of all operational phases:

  • It invests in processes, means and work methods that reduce processing times, electricity and fuel consumption and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
  • It invests in recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials for its packaging.
  • Also from a circular perspective, it invests in reducing the waste of nitrogen, zinc, lubricating oil and the steel required to produce wire.
  • It also invests in digitisation in a perspective of reducing the use of printed paper.
  • It invests in photovoltaic systems for its manufacturing facilities.
  • It invests in developing products that perform better and are more sustainable.

For a more detailed description of Bottaro’s environmental responsibility policies and initiatives read also “Costs and Benefits of a Sustainable Production Chain: the Bottaro Outlook”.

Bottaro wire: the cost of a better product

Logistics, customer service, innovation, communication and environmental sustainability. This is where Bottaro is investing and this is where the excellence of a product acclaimed the world over originates.

An investment policy which, as can be seen, clearly has more than one cost for Bottaro. This is something which, inevitably, is reflected in the price of the end product.

Despite this, businesspeople from all corners of the world buy Bottaro products every day, because they recognise the commitment and effort, of the financial as well, that the company puts into making sustainable, innovative and above-average quality wire.

In short, when buying Bottaro wire, you must ask yourself one question:

“Am I willing to pay more to get more?”


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