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International logistics: a journey around the world

Many people wonder how our iron wire, a heavy and very bulky product, gets to all the manufacturing facilities of our international customers. We wanted to be sure that our material arrived safely at its destination and over the years we have succeeded in developing a coordinated transportation system that uses train, trucks and ships. Given the nature of our product, it was necessary for us to capitalise on our experience and find highly qualified personnel.

Coordinates for delivery

The logistics process starts with the receipt of an order, which is managed by specially trained personnel who immediately activate the procedure for communicating the coordinates for dispatching the goods to the competent customs authorities and appointed carriers. They then explain to the customer exactly what they have to do when the order of iron wire is delivered.

Packing and loading the goods

During this delicate stage, certain procedures must comply with international shipping regulations and we therefore comply continuously with the regulations set out in ISPM 5, especially where exports outside the European Union are concerned. Our main objective is to protect the material during transportation: humidity levels and temperature fluctuations have to be monitored continuously in order to avoid thermal shock. Once all the goods are packed, we load the iron wires onto specially-adapted vehicles or international containers, using state-of-the-art equipment, fleet vehicles that have been carefully selected over the years and a specially trained team of operators who are extremely efficient in carrying out this important stage of the operation. In the video below, we are using ramps that we designed to load the goods quickly and efficiently, ensuring the complete safety of both the operators and the goods.

Sending photographic material

We use sophisticated technologies to verify and track every stage of the operations and these permit us to offer an innovative service to customers who have decided to put their faith in our products. The customer no longer has to waste valuable time requesting information on the status of their order, automatically receiving updates on their smartphone, laptop or tablet: for example, when our personnel create a delivery note, photographs of the loads are automatically sent to the customer’s email address.

Monitoring and management services

For overseas shipments, we have always used dedicated tools and software to track the exact position of the dispatched goods via satellite coordinates. Furthermore, all the information relating to the delivery are forwarded to the customer after the goods have been loaded, i.e. the container number, ETA and ETD data, and the vehicle’s number plate. We offer assistance in speeding up and completing the paperwork needed for the product to clear customs and if the customer doesn’t have a broker to clear the goods, we are more than happy to recommend one of our team’s trusted professionals.

Bottaro’s global network

Bottaro dispatches 6000 tonnes of iron wire every month, to countries all over the world, ranging from the United States and Canada to Australia, South East Asia, Arab countries, North Africa and, naturally, the whole of Europe. A shipment to the United States generally takes twenty-two days, while for destinations in Australia it takes approximately forty days. We have two commercial offices in America, one in Austin, Texas, and the other in Washington DC, and we coordinate distributors throughout England and Australia. Customers can contact our offices and distributors at any time and our multilingual personnel are prepared and available to assist the customer with any type of problem.

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