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BWG™ black annealed cut-to-length wire: the winning choice for hot-dip galvanizing

2021 saw Bottaro consolidate its market position in Europe and North America, and grow in new international markets. Also thanks to a product that demonstrates, once again, the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and to continuing to make the work of operators in the hot-dip galvanizing sector safer and easier.

In this article, we are going to talk about:

  • From BWG™ coils to cut-to-length wire: a product category experiencing worldwide growth
  • BWG™ black annealed cut-to-length wire: a safe and sustainable choice

From coils to cut-to-length wire: a product category experiencing worldwide growth

New year, time to take stock.

In 2021, the product recording an exponential growth in sales was BWG™ black annealed wire for hot-dip galvanizing in the form of cut-to-length wire, which beat the same product but packaged as coils by 9 to 1.

This growth trend of black annealed cut-to-length wire was seen in both Europe – Bottaro’s main market – and North America, where the company is now well-established. In addition, a pleasant surprise was the jump in sales of the BWG™ cut-to-length product in South America, a market that the Milanese company had only just entered a few months ago, and which had always been faithful to the choice of the commercial coil format.

This progressive shift to the use of cut-to-length wire, and the unanimous positive feedback from customers received by the company, even in markets historically devoted on coils, brings good hope for further growth over the new year.

The growth in consumption and sales of BWG™ black annealed cut-to-length wire goes hand in hand with that of black annealed wire of greater diameters. The trend in the galvanizing market is to increasingly choose a higher-thickness wire, passing from the use of 2mm to 3mm and, for those who already used 3mm to opt for 4mm. This choice is dictated by a greater attention to saving precious raw materials such as zinc, as well as to environmental sustainability. As we explained in one of our previous articles (“Save zinc with a thicker wire”), by increasing the diameter, you can reduce the number of wires used for tying, and, therefore, the overall knot surface where the greatest amount of zinc is deposited.

BWG™ black annealed cut-to-length wire: a safe and sustainable choice

The reasons for the worldwide growth in sales of BWG™ cut-to-length iron wire lie in the special characteristics of the product, which make its use not only more sustainable than its coil format counterpart, but also safer and more reliable.

Here, then, are three excellent reasons to choose Bottaro’s BWG™ black annealed cut-to-length wire:

Sustainability and savings

Having the wire already cut to length allows you not only to save time thanks to the product being standardized, but also to avoid the unnecessary waste of wire typical of the same material in coil format. Indeed, with the latter format, the worker has to cut the wire to the specific size and product, with human error inevitably playing a part every time.

Technology and safety

The fully robotic production of the cut-to-length wire rods is technologically more advanced than that of commercial coils, and also much safer. While the quality and mechanical characteristics of the coiled product can only be checked with standard equipment on a sample basis, the robotic production of wire, on the contrary, ensures complete quality control of the entire production cycle, every second, and for every single centimetre of wire. This is, therefore, a further guarantee of the reliability of Bottaro iron wire, which ultimately raises the safety of the production cycle of galvanizing departments.

Practicality and packing

Black annealed wire rods can easily be transported on pallets. This is not only more sustainable, since the only material used for handling is reusable wood, but also facilitates road shipments via various logistics methods. Palletization also guarantees the stability and integrity of the product during transport, compensating for movements, shocks and vibrations that might otherwise damage its quality and performance characteristics. The transporter also benefits, in terms of driving safety, since a moving load might otherwise destabilize the vehicle, increasing the risk of an accident. These are all advantages not offered by the same product in coil form, which is more difficult and more expensive to handle and transport, due to non-standard and oversized loads, often positioned on trucks in loose wooden blocks, unsupported by pallets.

As we have seen, all phases of dealing with BWG™ black annealed cut-to-length wire, from production right through to packing and transport, meet the ideals most appreciated by companies in the hot-dip galvanizing sector: convenience, reliability and practicality.

By investing in the continuous improvement of the product, Bottaro has therefore proven once again to be attentive to environmental sustainability and to the customer’s needs, two aspects that explain such a positive growth trend in 2021.


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