Hot Dip Galvanizing

Save zinc with a thicker wire

With BWG+™, Bottaro has once again raised the technological bar, offering wire with unique performance levels that is very pliable and able to reduce waste.

In this article we will be discussing:

  • 2021 Market trend: the industry is growing
  • A word from Engineer Bottaro: research and laboratory tests for BWG+™
  • Wire lubrication
  • Zinc absorption
  • BWG+™: why choose thicker diameters (from 3 to 5 mm)

2021 Market trend: the industry is growing

Interest in BWG™ and BWG+™ products from companies in the hot-dip galvanizing sector is constantly increasing. This is demonstrated by data for the first half of 2021 which, with regard to galvanizing workshops on the Italian market, in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, registered a +12% increase compared to the same period in 2020.

The abatement of the pandemic emergency has surely helped the positive trend: Bottaro’s marketing centre is receiving an increasingly greater amount of positive feedback from customers attentive to ecological products produced within an ethical and responsible production chain.

But let’s see how much technology is hidden behind BWG+™.

A word from Engineer Bottaro: research and laboratory tests for BWG+™

“Our team of technicians dedicated to research and development”, explains Engineer Alberto Bottaro, CEO and team leader, “is constantly moving in three directions: technological, ecological, and a third one, dedicated to product packaging, which differs according to whether it is destined to an end customer or a retailer.  Behind our wire, there are countless hours of study and continuous testing at our laboratories and at the facilities of our customers who offer us their collaboration.”

“They tell me that I am exaggerated in demanding absolute secrecy!” continues Engineer Bottaro. “The studies and experiments conducted daily are assigned to internal personnel in whom we have the utmost trust. With this, it is worthwhile to remember that we do not design products that could be detrimental to the safety of workers, on the contrary, we improve them. I think it is fitting to keep project details inside a small circle of people. These precautions have led us to create and offer an outstanding product on international markets due to its unique and unparalleled features.”


Ing. Alberto Bottaro during the zinc absorption lab tests

Wire lubrication

Bottaro has patented a one-of-a-kind lubricant, an ecological and safe solution for protecting wire and users.

  • Dries in 24 hours: protects the wire keeping it dry and suitable for tying;
  • Protects against oxidation preventing problems for operators and keeping the goods in excellent condition, even for long periods of time;
  • Gives lustre to the product which appears in perfect condition even as time goes by.

Zinc absorption

Studies on BWG+™, a specific wire for hot-dip galvanizing, has garnered the support of important technological centres and Italian universities and, specifically, from Prof. Fratesi, a knowledgeable person and always an authority in the field for all Italian and European companies in the hot-dip galvanizing sector.

Making a low zinc-absorption wire was the driving force behind 21 years of product evolution (BWG™ was put into production in 2000), acclaimed and sponsored by all the top industry associations on an international level.

Vertical control of the production process, which ranges from the drawing of the wire rod and heat treatment in furnaces, and on to the robotic production carried out in the Milanese plant, places Bottaro at the forefront for technology and investments. The entire Novate plant is completely wired with fibre technology, to allow for continuous product improvement.

BWG+™: why choose thicker diameters (from 3 to 5 mm)

Bottaro’s technicians, with the arrival of BWG+™, have once again raised the technological bar, proposing a wire that is very pliable despite its thickness.

We all know that zinc adheres primarily in the area around the knot. By increasing the diameter, we were able to reduce the number of wires used in tying and, consequently, the surface area of the knot. For example, a galvanizing workshop accustomed to tying with three 2-mm wires can start using two 3-mm ones.  

Bottaro is well aware that savings on an industrial scale can have significant bearing on its customers’ annual profit and loss accounts. The goal is to continue to always offer increasingly greener and more technological products, which are abreast of the times, highly performing and innovative.

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