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How many professionals does it take to wind wire?

There is an entire team of digital marketing experts behind the "Invisible Wire" communications campaign

Bottaro and the inception of the digital team

It all began seven years ago when engineer Alberto Bottaro decided to swim against the tide and invest time and resources in web communications and digital marketing.

Timing is everything for a modern company: what was back then a gamble, today has proven to be a winning strategy. Owing to the commitment and constant and generous investments made in the shift from offline to online communications, today Bottaro is a role model for all those companies that choose to approach the web, both in Italy and in Europe.

By adopting multi-channel brand awareness strategies – well in advance and differentiating itself from other companies in the field – the company has managed to consolidate relationships with its customers and open up market segments that would otherwise be unattainable, promoting corporate growth.

Such achievements might appear to be the product of a single man or a farsighted entrepreneur. This would be validated by the History of Humanity, which has made it customary to believe that behind a great idea there is always a great mind, perhaps charismatic and creative, capable of dedicating body and soul to a project and advancing it with obstinacy and conviction perhaps even for a lifetime.

But History can sometimes be wrong.

Alberto Bottaro, in fact, decided to embark on a different path. Years of experience and relationships of mutual collaboration with suppliers, customers and stakeholders have allowed the company to grasp a very simple concept: it is not the individual but the team that makes the difference.

The “Invisible Wire” campaign in a word

Unity and interacting abilities, skills and differing personalities, when coordinated and organized properly, can produce equally great and brilliant results and the “Invisible Wire” communications campaign is proof of this.

Consequently, the basis for developing the campaign by the same name, a job that engaged the team for four months and which has seen, on the one hand, perfectly coordinated texts and editing, designed and produced internally, and on the other, a number of difficulties in identifying the right message and specific target, in finding the right words that would reach people’s hearts and in ceaselessly searching and researching for technical and emotional images that described the message exactly.

STEP 1: Development of a 1-minute, 30-second commercial:

  1. 15% of the work: Analysing the target and the message
  2. 50% of the work: Drafting the motivational text and translating it into 4 languages
  3. 20% of the work: Researching images, producing new video material, editing
  4. 15% of the work: Translating the voice-over into 4 languages and developing it with mother-tongue actors

STEP 2: Networking and dissemination activities:

  1. Video commercials on the YouTube channel in 4 languages
  2. Blog article in 4 languages on the Bottaro website
  3. Letter signed by CEOs Marco and Alberto Bottaro in 4 languages
  4. Official campaign presentation newsletter on SKY Italy (MotoGP and Formula1)
  5. Newsletter from the 15 international Recycling and Hot-Dip Galvanizing associations 
  6. A specific publishing plan for LinkedIn
  7. Banner campaign and newsletter on the Expometals portal
  8. Articles and news: Federec, Let’s Recycle, Recycling Today,  Galvanizeit, GAA, Waste Management Review

But then, you have to wonder….

…who’s hiding behind “the Invisible Wire” campaign?

Well, digging a little deeper, you will discover that the company has succeeded in assembling a team of fresh, young and most importantly, creative minds, to support Alberto, CEO and team leader, in all the decisions regarding digital communications.

A group consisting of one of the company’s key figures and four digital professionals, which has been able, in the last seven years and, above all, with this last great project, to grasp the very essence of Bottaro, to extract its DNA and transform this blend of professionalism into a communications idea that is also a symbol and a mission: the invisible wire.

For all this commitment and the countless efforts that have been made, Bottaro’s marketing team today is not afraid to face up to the situation and has decided to present itself like this:

  • Alberto, team leader who dictates the tempo and has made his company comprehensible even to those who don’t know the first thing about wire.
  • Michele, mind and body always on the go, coordinator and continuous impetus for the creative team. The one who holds the group together thanks to something that is even more resistant than Bottaro wire: unconditional trust in the team.
  • Alessandra, social media manager and living map of the Bottaro communications strategy. She pulls the invisible wires of all the decisions related to publishing choices: from texts to graphics, from newsletters to blogs, and from brainstorming to online publishing.
  • Luca, copywriter and storyteller able to put something profoundly green down in black and white such as the Bottaro sustainable heart. Conveying emotions with words is something that here cannot be explained with words.
  • Paolo, SEO and SEM expert: dealing with the Google algorithm every day must not be an easy job. That’s why the person who does it is very good at it.

A team always supported by the contribution of another parallel team, that of the sales department led by Giovanni, who deals with the translations of all the news, social and Linkedin profiles into four different languages, to be shared with over 50 countries in the world.

In this, it is essential to collaborate with a valid voice-over partner who uses, in giving voice to the Bottaro message, four mother-tongue actors, coordinated by Giovanni. His direct relationship with customers also allows the marketing team to obtain valuable feedback and input to constantly improve the communications strategy.

In other words, greatly diverse personalities and professionalism, whose work, in seven years, has produced a completely renovated website, a Linkedin profile abounding with notices regarding business and environmental sustainability, a blog with always updated and interesting articles, the monthly column Wire Style, which speaks of our country’s outstanding products, as well as a newsletter followed by thousands of people and a series of online campaigns always managed impeccably.

In short, these professionals, working daily behind the scenes of a world-class manufacturing apparatus, are everywhere even if you do not see them, just like the wire. You will find them in Bottaro’s little slogans and in the big ideas behind its communications…

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