The iron wire is there, but you can’t see it

A strong symbol was needed for an ethical and sustainable business: Bottaro found it in its "Invisible Wire"

For a company that produces iron wire and exports it successfully all over the world, it may seem difficult to set other goals than the one of pure business, mass production and running a very practical, hard-working and tense activity, basically, to profit.

Bottaro, however, thanks to the experience and foresight of its founder, Mario Bottaro, has understood a very simple concept since 1956: a company operates and lives in an environment and, for the company in order to survive and prosper, also the environment has to survive and thrive.

The two souls of a sustainable company

Here, then, is how Bottaro’s two souls met: the necessary one, linked to business logic, and the more spontaneous one (but equally essential for life) which favors the protection of our world and environmental sustainability policies today increasingly urgent.

The decision to carry on a business reality that went beyond simple business work led the sons of Mario Bottaro, the brothers Alberto and Marco, to be able to recognize, appreciate and exploit the many new opportunities that the beauty of the world offered and that fit perfectly with their business idea. Today, for Bottaro, producing iron wire means, therefore, investing daily in an ethical and conscious business, based on four paradigms that are no longer negotiable:

  • The reduction of waste
  • The investment in the production of clean energy
  • The use of environmentally friendly and less polluting materials
  • The improvement of work ethic policies towards employees

A wire that unites and supports businesses and people

Important values ​​that the company has decided to share with its stakeholders, towards whom, she is the first to operate with the utmost responsibility and with a view to sensitizing them to a more virtuous management of their business. For this reason, Bottaro seeks and surrounds itself with partners, customers and suppliers who have a clear understanding of the concepts of sustainability, circular economy, ethics, energy saving and waste reduction and who have the foresight to integrate them into their company policies.

And it is precisely here, in the close bond of values ​​with people and the environment, that the exemplary strength of the symbol intervenes, of that invisible wire produced by Bottaro, this time without the need for machinery and equipment, but only with the pure strength of will of farsighted and future-oriented people. An invisible wire that tells a precise business philosophy, which Bottaro has decided to make more and more protagonist in his routines and communications.

A video to tell the hidden and most beautiful side of the world

For this reason, Bottaro has decided to give us an emotion through a small jewel of images and words, a video called “The invisible wire“, which talks about its iron wire and how it is not only symbolically, but also literally invisible in the life of all of us. The proof of this is easily verifiable: try to look around. How much iron wire do you see around you?

Do you understand now? The iron wire is there, but you can’t see it. It is, in fact, present in many small objects of our daily life, as well as in large private and public works and infrastructures, without us even realizing it. It travels every day, invisibly, through the whole world, along paths that lead to a better and more sustainable future for everyone.

If on the one hand, therefore, the invisible wire represents Bottaro’s unrepeatable and unique DNA, its values ​​and its mission, on the other, it also shows the more concrete side of the hard work and daily commitment of a company that always looks ahead.

This is what a simple iron wire is able to do: supporting and sewing in a single plot a set of companies and people who make technologycontinuous research and an honest and responsible business vision their lives.

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