Xsystem, the simple and low-cost alternative to wire feed trolleys

It stabilizes the coil during transport and (used together with pallets) it comfortably replaces the unwinder.

Designed together with our customers

The Xsystem was designed by Bottaro engineers in collaboration with selected customers, who agreed to test the products we made and verify that the logistics processes applied to them functioned correctly. Bottaro conducted in-depth research and evaluated different working methods, consulting authoritative managers and department managers, the result of which is an extraordinary packing system: the Xsystem. Today, it is possible to easily replace the reel and keep the coil stable during transportation. Thanks to this innovative system, we have resolved and simplified all problems concerning transport, safety and production optimisation. Below we explain the aim of this new approach.

What is the Xsystem

We have created a new sustainable transportation method to meet the needs of companies that are particularly sensitive to the issues of safety and sustainable production. Firstly, when the coil of BWR leaves our lubrication systems, it is stacked vertically on a pallet. The Xsystem is then inserted in the middle. It has a dual function: on the one hand, it keeps the oiled iron wire perfectly aligned during transport and, on the other, it feeds the iron wire correctly towards the vertical pulley. We usually place the products 3 metres away from each other.


Why is it so useful and convenient?

Bottaro’s innovative system completely eliminates costs for modifying facilities, making it possible to dismantle the old structure and making it faster and safer to remove and replace the bale. This means you can say goodbye to the old method of using lifting trolleys that are prone to impacts with structures and machines, along with the unnecessary fuel consumption of diesel-powered lifting trolleys. With the Xsystem, it is, therefore, possible to optimise cycle times in your departments, at the same time complying with the strict safety regulations set by companies and thereby simplifying your everyday workload.

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