Polyester Strap

White annealed spools designed for the construction industry: soft and easy to use


Innovation and technology in only 330g

The word “iron” often leads to an idea of heaviness. We overturned this concept: this products weights only 330g and can be easily held in one hand. The product is used in different fields: construction, industry and for private use.


The PET strap prevents from hands abrasion during its movement compared to a metal one. Besides, the polyester strap extends the life of knives on the strapping machines, thus reducing downtime for maintenance and the replacement costs of the spare part.

PETmm 12 x 0,60GREEN27073000
PETmm 12 x 0,70GREEN30082600
PETmm 12,5 x 0,60GREEN2907.72700
PETmm 12,5 x 0,70GREEN3509.32000
PETmm 15,0 x 0,70GREEN40010.71900
PETmm 15,0 x 0,80GREEN48012.81600
PETmm 15,5 x 0,70GREEN43911.71750
PETmm 15,5 x 0,90GREEN53414.21500
PETmm 19 x 0,85GREEN65017.41200
PETmm 19 x 1,00GREEN75019.81000

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