The new BOTTARO packaging for the North American Market

BOTTARO’s research and development is constantly evolving thanks to constant interaction with baler manufacturers and feedback from customers who are committed to their work on a daily basis.

As a result of this analysis and research, a new packaging for black annealed wire coils and hi-tensile steel wire, both destined for the recovery and recycling sector, was born.

As we all know, in order for products to preserve their high quality and performance during their use on equipment, the wire and steel must arrive at their destination in the best possible condition. This means avoiding surface abrasions caused by handling, contact with atmospheric agents during transport, changes in temperature or simply dust in storage warehouses used by recovery centres and distributors.

In response to this need, BOTTARO launched new packaging for some products destined for North America. Many actors were involved in optimising the packaging of the coils: customers, transporters, distributors, logistics. Thanks to their contribution, BOTTARO has created an even more efficient system to protect the most sensitive goods.

The new system consists of a polyethylene packaging that covers the entire outer and inner surface of the packages so that the wire does not come into contact with any external agent (dust, rain, humidity, etc.) and keeps its quality intact for a long time after leaving the innovative logistics centre in Novate Milanese for the most distant destinations. This solution is a free option, available on request for containers destined for North America (USA and Canada).

In the conception and design process of this new packaging, BOTTARO also followed the principle of simplicity.
In addition to wire safety, the packaging method allows users to prepare the product before it is placed under the system in less than a minute, as can be seen in the demonstration video prepared to support customers in handling and making the best use of the coils.

This result makes it possible to wink at key customer points such as:

  • simplicity of use;
  • maximum product reliability ensured by protecting the material from weather, humidity, dust and other substances;
  • safe handling;
  • low environmental impact thanks to the possibility of recycling the packaging.

With the new packaging, BOTTARO once again joins the word INNOVATION.

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