World Earth Day

“The invisible wire” by Bottaro

One year after the publication of the first advertising campaign, Bottaro re-launches the spot “The invisible wire” on the occasion of the World Earth Day.

A strong and emotional message to tell what is beyond the business, the product and the market in which Bottaro operates.

Behind a simple iron wire, in fact, there is a system of values and ideals that lead the company in the business, production and organizational choices and that is called by the Milanese company “the invisible wire”. This “invisible wire” means responsibility, ethics and sustainability.

Through evocative and emotional pictures, Bottaro tells about its daily commitment in putting these values into practice. From the selection of certified quality raw materials, to investments in research, from the use of clean energy and ecological materials to fully robotized production plants, and the continuous improvement of work ethics policies towards employees.

The video is also intended as an incentive for everyone – private citizens and companies – to play their part in safeguarding the planet. This message is reinforced by the setting of Earth Day, the day that combines all the people and companies of the world to celebrate the Earth and promote its safekeeping.

A day full of meaning, founded in 1970 to emphasize the need for conservation of the Earth’s natural resources. Born as a university movement, today the World Earth Day means much more: it is an educational and informative event that aims to scientifically evaluate and disseminate the problems of the planet.

An important mission, of which Bottaro feels like a main character. From this comes its commitment to tell and sensitize its interlocutors to issues of sustainability, circular economy and ethics.