BOTTARO rewards employees

A recognition that witnesses the welfare policy that the company has been pursuing for years.

The pandemic period does not stop Bottaro.
Like for every company, there has been a decline in sales, but despite this Bottaro has increased direct investments in production, technology and welcomed 11 new employees.

The company’s success in this period of economic, social and health crisis that we are living now is not due to chance. It is certainly linked to a lucid and attentive entrepreneurial vision; but not only. The great success is due to the people: to all the employees, who despite the difficulties and fears of this historical situation, have continued to believe in the company, giving their best and even more.

Bottaro rewarded the staff with an unplanned production bonus of € 500 in April 2021. A recognition for the work carried out in the past year, which witnesses the Welfare policy that the company has been pursuing for years: creating a positive and stimulating work environment.