The iron wire for the US and Canadian market

Choose a product with exceptional performance!

Baling wire is not all the same! Over the years, Bottaro has had the opportunity to deal with many industrial realities related to the recycling and compaction of materials derived from separate waste collection. This ‘field experience’ has led the company to differentiate certain product lines based on specific market needs, as in the case of the United States and Canada.

The North American market predominantly uses the double ram baler, as it is well suited to the type of daily work of local companies, which require smaller plants.

This is the case, for example, in some smaller recovery centres and villages, often far from large urban centres. Here, small family-run companies must be able to serve the entire population, however small this may be. They therefore prefer to use a baler that is able to pack, compact and dispose of as wide a range of materials as possible.

To meet the needs of this particular market, an equally particular steel wire is, of course, required. Bottaro offers Hi Tensile galvanised wire, the strongest on the market, designed for the toughest pressing applications due to its strength and elongation.

The use of a special high-strength steel and a very close binding (every 20 cm), allow any type of material to be packed without having to stop the plant to set it to new specifications each time.

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