Optimizing the use of High-Tensile Galvanized wire: guide and video for operators

Maximizing efficiency in the use of High-Tensile Galvanized wire for recycling with the latest guides from Bottaro.

Bottaro publishes a new blog article and a video tutorial dedicated to operators in the North American recovery and recycling sector. These new resources were created to provide detailed instructions on the correct positioning and use of High-Tensile Galvanized wire, ensuring smooth wire deployment without interruptions during use under the baling press.

Through simple steps, such as keeping the protective plastic until use and properly positioning the wire on the axis, we aim to facilitate the daily work of operators, significantly improving productivity and safety.

This initiative underscores Bottaro’s commitment to proactively meeting its customers’ needs and optimizing work procedures, confirming the importance of clear communication and adequate tools in the industrial sector. With these guides, Bottaro once again demonstrates its dedication to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of work processes.

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