Bottaro and circular economy

Four virtuous examples.

Circular economy and sustainability are topics we hear about every day and which bring with them a particular complexity. Applying the principles of green economy to a company means indeed reconsidering the entire production, organisation and management process of a business. Bottaro continues this approach and over the years has developed company policies aimed at reducing waste through the circular economy principle.

Here are four examples of circular economy within the company:

  1. In the drawing process, the company has introduced an innovative lubricant which, in addition to being effective in smaller quantities than the traditional one (thus reducing waste), produces less polluting and above all recoverable waste. At the end of use, the steel fragments are separated from the oil residues and reused for the construction of draining asphalt or in the white goods industry.
  2. As for the packaging, Bottaro has chosen green products: the stretch film used to protect the packaging is made of recycled and recyclable plastic and the same goes for paper. Even the ink used for all writing is biodegradable.
  3. The innovative system for transporting and stabilizing wire coils for recycling BWR™, called XSystem™, is made with recycled chipboard and can itself be recycled at the end of use.
  4. Fundamental for Bottaro is also the awareness activity of collaborators and employees and the progressive digital transition of the company which has led to the elimination of paper consumption in favor of digital tools.
  5. Bottaro also applies strict rules to the selection of suppliers who must comply with very specific circular economy and sustainability criteria.