BWR® is our iron wire designed for baling machines

Bottaro technology makes it possible to offer customers baling wire with tested break loads and elongation to lengthen the lifespan of the baling machine.

Same price
but higher quality

BWR is designed specifically for baling machines and guarantees higher efficiency compared to other products. The personnel at Bottaro are aware of the importance of the price of a consumer product like iron wire and for this reason we have maintained the standard price with respect to the reference market, investing, however, in the quality of the product, unlike our competitors. With Bottaro you save money and maintain the high quality of business productivity.

We bind all types 
of material

Iron wire is a consumer material par excellence for baling machines and can be used on any type of material, including paper, cardboard, plastic, alfalfa and hay. BWR baling wire is compatible with every type of horizontal and vertical baling machine on the global market and is an environmentally-friendly choice for the future. Many of our customers in the agricultural, baling and recycling sectors have been putting their faith in our product for years.

Resistance and
High Performance

Investing in BWR baling wire is synonymous with maximising the productivity of each machine: with this type of iron wire it is in fact possible to bind larger bales without any problems of breaking, as well as offering many other benefits within the production process. You can optimise shipments, improve storage, and reduce wastage and transportation and maintenance costs. It is a product that saves you money and delivers results.

© Copyright Bottaro Mario S.r.l. – All rights reserved 

© Copyright Bottaro Mario S.r.l. - All rights reserved