Innovation and technology in only 330g

The word “iron” often leads to an idea of heaviness. We overturned this concept: this products weights only 330g and can be easily held in one hand. The product is used in different fields: construction, industry and for private use.

Imballaggio e misure

Le bobine per edilizia BWC® pesano 500kg e vengono confezionate con film estensibile con grafica Bottaro e pallettizate. Altre opzioni su richiesta specifica.

Peso Kg 500
∅ Interno mm 450 ± 10
∅ Esterno mm 800 ± 10
∅ Altezza mm 450 ± 10
da 0,80 a 1,70
Opzioni di imballaggio
Pallettizzato, Film estensibile, Altre opzioni su richiesta specifica
cotto bianco packaging

The ideal choice for protection of healthcare workers

Light and performing, this BWC® spool, which weighs only 330g, is highly recommended for everyday work as it avoids all issues related to handling heavy loads. The handling of heavy loads can indeed be one of triggers of spinal and osteomuscular disorders or diseases.

Choose the guarantee of a certified brand. Pick Bottaro’s products

Bottaro follows the entire production chain choosing high quality European wire rods and an ecological production process certified ISO: 9001. An uncompromising choice of responsibility that puts the person and the values first.

Bottaro Filo cotto bianco per edilizia