Box Wire: the 100lbs compact solution that makes your work easy

Quality, high levels of safety and unprecedented performance.

Box Wire, the rewound coil of black annealed wire BWR™ – Bottaro Wire Recycling – for baling presses, stands out for quality, high levels of safety, and unparalleled performance.

Designed for recycling facilities with average consumption, this product – available in 50 lbs and 100 lbs formats – was created in response to the ongoing market demand for a reliable wire for baling presses in all working conditions. It is engineered with a strong focus on the environment and follows the principles of environmental sustainability and the circular economy.

Guaranteed unwinding. BWR™ black annealed wire coils are suitable for every type of baling press, ensuring unwinding from both the inner and outer holes. The strapping system with PET straps allows the coil to be tightened, whether it is placed on a pallet or packaged in dedicated recycled cardboard boxes, hence the name Box Wire.

Tested at high speeds. Bottaro’s quality control department continuously tests BWR™ black annealed wire, unwinding the coil at a maximum speed of 260 meters per minute. This test demonstrates the high level of safety and reliability of the product.

Resistance to temperature. Recycling facilities are often located in open or semi-covered spaces without heating, where temperatures are close to freezing. These conditions have led Bottaro to develop a wire capable of maintaining optimal performance even at the coldest temperatures. How? Bottaro offers customers the option to request a special product lubrication, made with eco-friendly and non-toxic oil, ensuring the wire’s mechanical properties are maintained with the utmost environmental care.