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Bottaro enters the Brazilian hot-dip galvanizing market with the company’s flagship product

BWG® and BWG® Plus.

To face the Brazilian market, the Milanese company has chosen BWG® and BWG® Plus, the leading products for the hot-dip galvanising field.

BWG® – Bottaro Wire Galvanizing – is a scientific product, the result of many years of collaboration with the most reliable customers and with the authoritative technical committees of the main international associations, of which Bottaro is a member and an absolute supporter.

The main purpose with which BWG® wire was designed and manufactured was to improve the production performance of galvanizers and thanks to its intrinsic mechanical characteristics we have achieved exceptional results: the use of BWG® wire increases the quantity of product prepared for galvanizing by more than 30% for each single work shift.

Furthermore, thanks to the extraordinary malleability of this product, it is possible to opt for a wire with a bigger diameter and this choice affects the quantity of wires used for each single binding, reducing the number and consequently limiting the accumulation of zinc with a clear saving in economic terms.

To deepen the topic, Bottaro has created several blog articles and videos: