Single-Looped Bale Ties: the new packaging that optimizes space and enhances storage

Maximum reliability, safety and savings: the Bottaro guarantee.

Did you know that there are single-looped bale ties that offer maximum reliability, safety, and savings, thanks to production with robotic facilities and easy-to-handle and store packaging?

These are the looped wires engineered by BOTTARO, an Italian company producing wire for baling presses since 1956.

The hallmark of quality for BOTTARO’s single-looped bale ties is their fully automated production using a unique machine in the world, designed by the company itself. After years of study and design, it has been achieved the ideal technological solution to optimize the production process and maximize the quality of looped wire.

The plant allows the production of single-looped bale ties with perfect characteristics, thanks to robots and sensors along the entire production line monitoring every millimeter of wire, including the eyelet, certifying the wire’s quality and, consequently, its reliability.

In addition to high performance, the bars – ranging from a minimum of 100 inches to 230 inches in length – are packaged and rolled on pallets with XSystem2, the eco-friendly and secure system developed by BOTTARO for wire handling.

This packaging method was designed to streamline work and ensure the safety of operators. Ordering single-looped bale ties rolled on XSystem2 and placed on pallets, optimizes storage space and simplifies the handling of goods during loading, transportation, and unloading, whether by road or sea container.

Furthermore, unlike the same product bundled and placed on a pallet (with a length of approximately 5 meters), single-looped bale ties rolled on XSystem2 facilitate unloading and storage operations, increasing worker safety and reducing unloading times. These factors contribute to a total streamlining of work, both in terms of the time spent by operators and the reduction of energy waste. Finally, positioning through XSystem2 allows bundles of 20kg single-looped bale ties to be picked up without bending, avoiding movements harmful to health and the risk of tangling the bundle with other wires.