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No matter where you are, Bottaro considers you a VIP customer and guarantees exclusive services

In order to live up to our motto "With Bottaro everything is easier!", the company offers you a wide range of extremely useful services, ranging from shipment tracking to support from competent native personnel. Below we have listed the four pillars of Bottaro’s success.

1) Multilingual Customer service

The personnel at our headquarters in Milan and in our offices around the world, all understand and fluently speak English, German, French and Spanish and are highly qualified to follow each stage of your shipment. Our personnel will manage everything for you, every step of the way, from making the order to delivery of the material to your chosen destination. The online chat service can be accessed from all our website pages, making it simple and quick for the customer to contact our personnel at any time in the event of doubts or questions

2) Custom packaging

One of Bottaro’s strengths is that it offers the possibility to choose from a wide range of packaging. Below you will find some examples of what is available for specific products in different destination markets.


Box Wire


Polyethylene film

Bundles on pallets

Tied bundles


3) Safe and speedy logistics solutions

There are three things that make us the leading company in the sector: custom packaging, guaranteed transportation and timely deliveries. These three characteristics are managed by software that optimises the logistics of the entire shipping process. Our iron wire is transported by train, in trucks and on ships so that it safely reaches its destination in the way chosen by the customer, all thanks to an office that handles the transport logistics, from the moment the goods are loaded right through to the paperwork needed to clear customs.

4) Photographs of loads

The new technologies we have invested in has made it possible to check and track every step of the goods movements. The customer can also keep track of their orders thanks to a mapping service that can be accessed from a smartphone, laptop or tablet. For example, when a delivery note is created, the Bottaro personnel will automatically send photographs of the loads when they are dispatched to the customer’s email address. This means that the customer always knows the status of the order without having to waste time asking for information.

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