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Bottaro company turns 65. For 2021, 4 million investments in technology are ready

Despite the Pandemic and the US duties, Bottaro company maintains its production volumes and registers a slight improvement on all markets. New investments for the automation and expansion of the production areas of Novate Milanese are ready.

The words of Eng. Alberto Bottaro, CEO of Bottaro srl.

The increase in production has forced the Italian company to acquire new areas and the introduction of new plants with data-oriented 4.0 technology interconnected with a new generation software system, exponentially increasing the level of automation present in the two plants of the group and as a result the tons of monthly production.

“We are always paying more attention to the ecological factor and corporate responsibility. We are committed to an increasingly green and constantly evolving supply chain. In last months I have been very busy in a complex job of selecting new resources. Continuous and selective training of personnel, in every task and role, raises the company’s quality level. The team is full of proactive and young personalities who make the difference.

I am convinced that study and professionalism, combined with passion and commitment, bring results. I remember that in 2010 we formulated the Code of Ethics. Our Milanese company is completely wired with optical fiber and the same investment is foreseen for the Delebio plant, thus allowing us to work close together and break down the barriers of distance.

Digitization is essential to simplify processes and to allow the virtual presence of employees and our customers. In the production and logistics departments, the automation developed for each plant by our technicians and engineers aims to make the work of the operators more and more interesting and easy with the advantage of obtaining safer products. The most requested products remain those of BWG and BWR, as well as BWC™ White spool that is now a leading product in the construction sector in Europe. “

4 millions de nouveaux investissements

Dans l’an 2021 ils seront opérationnels les nouveaux départements productifs et un agrandissement de la zone logistique. Bottaro entre dans une troisième phase de développement, qui vise à mettre au point des produits de qualité adaptés aux presses et usines de nouvelle generation avec une attention particulière sur l’environnement et la consommation.

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