Hard Drawn Bright Wire

The ecological and high quality hard drawn bright wire


The wire for industrial applications

The hard drawn bright wire is used in industry, mainly for the production of chains, grids, nails, furniture, cages and trolleys.

This wire uses the innovative BWB™ technology: the bright wire for industrial applications. Accurate surface cleaning, no porosity and maximum workability in the facilities.

Beautiful and ecological

Thanks to the mechanical pickling, our wire is not subjected to chemical polluting treatments

Bottaro invests to develop innovative production techniques that safeguard the environment. Bottaro’s hard-drawn bright wire is produced through mechanical pickling, preferred over the chemical one, as it is environment-friendly and non-polluting.

A high-quality product

  • Thoroughly surface cleanness and absence of porosity
  • Maximum workability on every facility
  • Constant tensile strength


Bottaro’s hard-drawn bright wire is available in 500kg, 1,000kg or 1,200kg reels. Everything is packaged with our dedicated packaging that makes our product identifiable and unique. Available in diameters from 0.8 up to 8mm.

Thick diameter reels

Weight Kg100012001,80 - 8,00
Internal ∅ mm550-600550-600
External ∅ mm800-850900-950
Height mm550-600550-600
Pallet, shrink film, other options on specific request

Thin diameter reels

Weight Kg5000,80 - 1,70
Internal ∅ mm450±10
External ∅ mm800±10
Height mm450±10
Pallet, shrink film, wooden spool, other options on specific request

Shipping and packaging solutions

The product is packaged with a stretch film and placed on pallet in order to protect the material. For shipments by sea, on request, we apply a specific protective oil which does not create issues during the use of wire and at the same time prevents surface oxidation.

Choose the guarantee of a certified brand. Pick Bottaro’s products

Bottaro follows the entire production chain choosing high quality European wire rods and an ecological production process certified ISO: 9001. An uncompromising choice of responsibility that puts the person and the values first.

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