18 March: World Recycling Day

And you, which kind of future do you want to build?

Recycle, the circular economy and waste prevention are themes that are common to all of us.

On this particular day, we have the opportunity to stop and think, and to discuss with other people and organisations about how we can reduce and improve the environmental impact of our activities.

Above all, we should ask ourselves: which kind of future do we want to build? And what do we want to leave as a legacy for future generations?

Bottaro has made recycling (and hot-dip galvanising) its reason for living, creating a high-performance product that is essential for the recycling sector: BWR™ iron wire. The attention to waste is not only for companies operating in the recycling field, but also for Bottaro’s own production reality. As reported several times through LinkedIn posts, newspaper articles, advertisements, videos and blog posts, the company works to optimise its entire production chain, reducing waste and opting for the use of ‘environmentally friendly’ materials that are recycled or can be used again in a circular economy.

This green path is in continuous development, that’s why Bottaro invests in researches, in the improvement of production processes, in the divulgation and in the sensibilization of people and companies to the theme of saving and sustainability.