The future of recycling? The vertical press

Bottaro explains how supermarkets, shopping centers and small businesses can contribute to better waste disposal.

Here is a system to make the waste disposal process more efficient: the vertical baler.

The collection of packaging such as plastic, paper and cardboard from supermarkets, shopping centres and other businesses can become very massive, and the consequence is that the waste trucks end up filling up quickly, thus increasing the number of loading and unloading trips. And if the trips increase, the diesel consumed and the time spent also increases. In short, a waste of resources.
The solution to this problem is, once again, balers.

Vertical balers, in fact, are small and compact and make it possible to reduce weekly waste, facilitating waste disposal and allowing collection trucks to load rubbish already pressed and therefore less bulky.

It is no coincidence that these balers are often supplied on loan for use by the very same companies that collect the waste, which usually also supply the wire necessary for compacting it.
There are, however, some cases in which the companies directly purchase the vertical baler and consequently also the required wire. For all these situations, Bottaro offers its loop wire, which is suitable for vertical balers.

With their small size and ease of use, vertical balers represent a new frontier for recycling!