Naval logistics crisis: the guide to staying on course

BOTTARO's proactive management to address the naval logistics crisis.

Global naval logistics is facing significant challenges, as evidenced by the recent crisis in the Panama Canal and the Israeli port of Haifa. Here’s an overview:

1) The Panama Canal Crisis • As already mentioned, the severe drought has negatively impacted the Panama Canal, with a significant reduction in the volume of trade and an increase in crossing times.

2) The port of Haifa • The port of Haifa, Israel, was recently subjected to a missile attack by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq. This attack has highlighted the vulnerability of important logistics infrastructure and could have serious repercussions on the region’s security and economy.

3) Congestion and delays at U.S. ports • The Panama Canal crisis affected also US ports, with a decrease in the volume of containers handled and a general state of instability in the logistics sector.

4) Congestion and delays at European ports • Similarly, the European logistics sector is facing a combination of excess inventory and unreliable shipping services, which is further complicating the logistics situation in the Eurozone.

Don’t run out of wire: how to deal with the port crisis

In this context of uncertainty, Bottaro is implementing a proactive goods storage strategy, to guarantee the availability of our products and minimize the impacts on our customers.

This “ready to sell” policy allows us to have a warehouse in all territories that is always stocked and ready to meet your needs.

Our scheduled shipments can be further enhanced by sharing your consumption forecasts. This preventive approach will ensure a timely transfer of the material to our foreign warehouses, ensuring shipping times reduced to local transfer only.

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