Mario Bottaro, backbone since 1956

At the age of 88 - he will celebrate his 89th birthday on the 1st of August - every morning, Mr. Mario Bottaro once again joins the company founded in 1956 to direct his team.

Mario’s is a story of passion, dedication and great responsibility. It is the story of a visionary man who in post-war Italy rode the wave of the “Italian economic miracle” and realized his entrepreneurial dream, he left an excellent and well-paid job in bank and went into business all by himself.

A tenacious man who has always been able to look to the future and innovation. Great credit certainly goes to his ability to keep up with the time, to be always one step ahead, to take up new challenges by bringing innovation both to the product and to the entire business management, while always remaining faithful to the values ​​of reliability and ethics that characterise the company.

Mario’s enthusiasm and courage have made Bottaro brand synonymous with excellence and quality, present today in over 50 countries and known worldwide. This has also contributed to the realization of his dream of expanding and opening a company abroad. At the beginning of 2021 Bottaro opened a new company in Canada to assist better the North American market and continue what its founder taught.