Innovation in communication: Bottaro’s New Labels

A step forward for the optimal use of Bottaro products.

Bottaro, always attentive to market needs and continuous improvement of its processes, is proud to announce the launch of a new communication project: the introduction of detailed labels for the correct use of black annealed wire coils and high-strength steel wire.

This initiative stems from actively listening to our customers’ needs and direct observations during visits to recycling plants, where we identified the need for clearer guidance to avoid improper uses that can compromise efficiency and safety.

The new labels, aimed at both the Italian market and the North American market, are the result of a constant commitment to simplifying the daily activities of operators, increasing productivity and safety.

With this small but significant step, Bottaro reaffirms its commitment to customer satisfaction and well-being, demonstrating once again how attention to detail can make a difference in the industrial sector.