BWR® black annealed wire spools

Safety and performance made to last in all conditions of use, with an attention to the environment.

Attention to market needs has led to the creation of one of the most appreciated by Bottaro customers products, for quality, performance and reliability.

Recycling plants are often located in open or semi-covered spaces, without heating, where temperatures are close to freezing. These conditions have led Bottaro to develop – through research and advanced technologies – a wire capable of maintaining optimal performance even with the coldest temperatures.

How? Bottaro offers its customers the opportunity to request a special lubrication of the product, made with an ecological oil that ensures continuity of the mechanical characteristics of the wire with the utmost attention to the environment.

Furthermore, the four bindings of the coil are made with pet strap. A system that allows you to tighten the reel and ensure its unwinding until it is used on the system, whether it is placed on a pallet or packaged in special recycled cardboard boxes.

The Bottaro quality control department tests the material continuously, arriving to unwind the reel at a maximum speed of 260 meters / min. A test that demonstrates how high the level of safety and reliability of the product is.