Black annealed wire for hot dip galvanizing: coils or cut-to-length?

The comparison and the Bottaro answer in the new blog article.

Let’s start from a data: in 2021 Bottaro registered an increasing trend in the consumption of BWG™ Cut-to-length – Bottaro Wire Galvanizing, the black annealed wire for hot-dip galvanizing – compared to catchweight coils of the same wire. In fact, the demand for cut-to-length has increased exponentially both in Europe and in the North American market.

What is happening?

In the new article of the blog BWG™ black annealed cut-to-length wire: the winning choice for hot-dip galvanizing, an in-depth technical clarification of this new trend is given, which reflects a business and industrial vision increasingly oriented towards green and sustainable choices.

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