World Wire Maker: the video

The new Bottaro Corporate Video is released.

A company that is always in tune in terms of product innovation, robotized production and sustainability, cannot be outdone even in the tools and methods chosen to communicate its values, mission and vision. And digital communication today requires a language – including visual and musicale – that is increasingly engaging, able to retain and entertain the interlocutor, positioning the company or product in his mind.

A difficult but indispensable task, which once again Bottaro has successfully tackled. The result is the new company video: three minutes where, thanks to a perfectly balanced rhythm of words, music and images, the company profile is presented. The image that is sketched is that of a contemporary company, capable of tackling with resilience all the opportunities and challenges that the socio-economic, political and environmental situation puts in its path and which, for this reason, is always one step ahead of others in the wire manufacturing sector.