Torino Calcio Partnership: the year begins with many new appointments

Sport and iron wire, two worlds not so far apart.

The partnership between Bottaro and the Torino FC soccer team goes on, which will last until the end of the championship in June 2023.

From August until today, many of the company’s clients have been able to watch Torino Calcio’s numerous SERIE A matches directly from the official SkyBox Vip at the Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino. A private location with exclusive services such as catering and a screen to review highlights, to live a unique experience.

Bottaro has always supported important sports associations (among them Ferrari and Atalanta), as the values connecting these two worlds are many and significant. As well as in sports, qualities such as organization, teamwork, precision, dedication, the willingness to work hard and put oneself on the line to always perform at one’s best, and finally the ability to have a vision that rewards the group, without ever forgetting to value the individual as well, are fundamental in a company.