The invisible wire 2

The new advertising spot that talks about innovation and Italian style.

After the success of the video “The Invisible Wire”, Bottaro presents the continuation of the story that won over the general public.

The second chapter talks about Italian innovation in the world, of which Bottaro has been a proud spokesperson since 1956. But what does Made in Italy innovation consist of? For the Novate Milanese company, it is the ability to transform a simple product into an essential and cutting-edge technology, capable of improving the world in which we live.

And Bottaro iron wire is a clear example of this definition: thanks to its technical and mechanical properties it is able to improve the work of operators in sectors such as recycling, galvanizing, construction and industry, both in terms of environmental and human sustainability, as well as with regards to the general efficiency of work. Furthermore, Bottaro wire is produced following strict criteria that limit its impact on the environment (more information on the blog).

A concept evoked first by the beautiful images of the great works of the past – Venice, Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man and Michelangelo’s David – and then by contemporary ones, up to the production plants of Novate Milanese and Delebio. Here industrial production is portrayed almost poetically precisely to offer the viewer all that beauty of Italianness. A beauty that, in addition to art, can also be found in industry, the place where Italian genius has been at the service of innovation exported all over the world for centuries.

Enjoy the view!