Tech Forum of the American Galvanizers Association

Hartford, October 11th – 13th.

As a member of the American Galvanisers Association, Bottaro will participate in the Tech Forum, which will be held in Hartford from 11 to 13 October. During these three days of networking, there will be the opportunity to attend numerous conferences given by experts on various topics related to the world of galvanising.

The starting point will be a summary of the most relevant topics discussed at INTERGALVA Rome’s June 2022 conference related to energy and decarbonisation. From there we will move on to a range of interesting topics such as:

  • Galvanising best practices for the North American construction industry;
  • The progress in the process of reaserch on galvanising, raw materials, energy and decarbonisation carried out in synergy by European associations;
  • The presentation of the latest update of the AGA INSPECTION APP, the application developed by the association that allows, through a visual guide, the identification of the surface condition of a galvanised product;
  • Guided tours of various galvanising plants;
  • An update on the work of the association’s committee on environmental issues and carbon emissions;
  • Prospects for a potential decarbonisation of the steel industry by considering the possibility of retrofitting existing galvanising furnaces to reduce or eliminate carbon emissions.

Bottaro at the Tech Forum in Hartford