Speed and safety are our forte!

International logistics.

Every day, large quantities of Bottaro iron wire leaves the plant in Novate Milanese, heading all over the world, to meet the needs of zinc mills, recycling plants, and different types of companies in a short time.

All transports are fast, safe and punctual thanks to a highly specialised logistics team. The coordination of deliveries, structured over the years with a view to time optimisation, uses road, rail and sea transport, guaranteeing shipments in 48/72 hours throughout Europe, in 22 days in Canada and the United States, and in 45 days to other destinations (Australia, South-East Asia, UAE and North Africa).

Fast delivery is combined with a high level of safety, thanks to a wide range of handling/loading and packaging solutions, such as the anti-oxidation stretch film or the x-system, which allow the quality of the wire to be maintained without damaging it by thermal shock and physical trauma.