“People: the beating heart of Bottaro policies”

Human resources, perfect ecosystem and robotization.

For the Novate Milanese company, 2021 was a year of important investments: environmental sustainability, digitalisation, automation, but above all, valuing new and old employees.

In the new blog article, Bottaro talks about the value of human resources and their role in the company’s strategy.

Motivation, passion, competence, the ability of learning quickly, of working in a team and in synergy with all departments, combined with a company structure that is careful to the professional growth of each individual and a work organisation that is structured and designed in every detail.

These are just some of the ingredients of the Bottaro reality. In the article “People: the beating heart of Bottaro policies” an interesting analysis tells for the first time what is behind the iron wire that more than fifty countries around the world use every day.

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