The first two new battery-powered forklifts were delivered to Delebio

Safety and sustainability, a priority.

Last year Bottaro announced the arrival of new state-of-the-art forklifts in the Novate Milanese and Delebio factories. After the replacement of the fleet in the Novate logistics hub, a few weeks ago the replacement of the old forklifts also began in the Delebio production plant in Valtellina.

With the arrival of the first two machines, the process of making work more efficient in terms of safety and sustainability, started by Bottaro with the technological transition project, also begins in Delebio.

The use of new forklifts equipped with lithium batteries guarantees:

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions, thus improving the environmental sustainability of the company and the quality of the working environments
  • Noise reduction
  • Greater safety thanks to the latest generation accident prevention sensors
  • Fast recharges and long-lasting performance

With this investment, Bottaro takes a further step forward in corporate safety with an eye always attentive to environmental and ecological aspects that involve both workers and the environment.