March: the month of paper and cardboard recycling

In the month of paper and cardboard recycling, news arrives that comforts and encourages everyone, both citizens and operators of the entire recycling chain.

The study published by Symbola and Comieco – respectively the Foundation for Italian Quality and the National Consortium for the recovery and recycling of cellulose-based packaging – reveals that “The made in Italy paper supply chain […] achieves high levels of paper and cardboard recovery, well over 5 million tons, which reaches 80% in the case of packaging ” (Source Symbola Foundation – Comieco, Circular Economy in Italy for the Next Generation EU, 2021).

A figure that places Italy at the top of the ranking of the most virtuous countries in Europe in this sector. In 2019, the recycling rate of paper and cardboard packaging stood at 81% – well beyond the recycling targets set for 2025 (75%) and close to 85% set by the EU for 2030.

And today, the trend is continuously growing despite the pandemic.