Distances are not a problem

Bottaro Logistics.

Bottaro ships 6,000 tonnes of material every month to 52 countries worldwide, guaranteeing fast transport, safe travel and punctual delivery.

How is this possible? In addition to having selected and trained a team of specialists, the company has invested in software managing and optimising all phases of transport and guaranteeing speed, control and security of delivery. Thanks to all these factors, today Bottaro’s logistics service stands out for:

  • Shipments in 48/72 hours throughout Europe, in 22 days in Canada and the United States, and in 45 days to other destinations (Australia, South-East Asia, Arab countries and North Africa);
  • Highly qualified multilingual customer service;
  • Ordering and shipping support and monitoring through a real-time tracking system of the goods;
  • Safe packaging to protect the wire, to avoid temperature changes, thermal shocks, humidity contact and physical trauma.

An organisation expressing efficiency and reliability, a synonym of Bottaro excellence.

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Bottaro logistics system