Comparing types of balers

To each baling press, Bottaro responds with a specific, high-performance wire.

In the new blog article, Bottaro describes and compares single ram, double ram and vertical presses. Each with different peculiarities and functions, all with one goal: to provide society and citizenship with value by transforming waste into resources.

For each machinery, Bottaro proposes a specific wire:

  • for double ram presses: black annealed wire BWR™ and BWR™Plus;
  • for single ram presses: high-tensile galvanised BWR™ Galva HT wire;
  • for vertical balers: black or galvanised loop wire and quick-link wire.

All these products are the result of a very high level of supply chain, starting with the careful selection of quality European rods, an excellent production cycle and an environmentally friendly, ISO:9001 certified production process.

Read the article here.