BWA®, Bottaro’s wire for agriculture, is born

Galvanised wire for fruit orchards and vineyards.

Thanks to the continuous work of the Research and Development centre and to the new generation robotic production, Bottaro introduces on the market a new product: BWA™, Bottaro Wire Agriculture.

BWA™ is a galvanised wire with a specific mechanical feature for the production of espaliers and counter-espaliers for the various types of farming in vineyards and orchards, for awnings, covers and pergolas.

Robotized production guarantees a uniform and controlled zinc coating, careful surface cleaning, absence of porosities and maximum formability.

To ensure the highest performance according to application, BWA™ is classified into three types:

  • Commercial galvanised wire for vineyards with traditional harvesting;
  • ZINC PLUS triple galvanised wire and GalvaALU galvanised wire with zinc-aluminium protection, suitable for vineyards and orchards with mechanical harvesting and for the construction of supporting structures (from espaliers to roofs).

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