Bottaro lands on Instagram

Late summer news.

After the relaxing summer break, Bottaro announces an important novelty in terms of marketing and communication: the Instagram profile @BottaroIronWire is born.

A novelty that is not surprising for a company always in step with the times and willing to test “unconventional” communication strategies for the wire and metal industry.

The words of President Alberto Bottaro:

“We have been exploiting the potential of LinkedIn for many years with a well-established communication strategy that brings positive results in terms of image. However, this social network mainly targets professionals or specific niches. After the TV advertising campaigns with the commercial “The Invisible Wire,” we understood how differentiating more the communication channels used – each with its own rules and target audience – can contribute to the consolidation of the Bottaro name in the territory. For this reason, a few months ago we evaluated the opportunities offered by other social media such as Facebook and Instagram and decided to land on these channels as well. Through these channels, we want to target a wider audience, especially two categories: on the one hand, the company’s employees and all those people who deal with Bottaro (consultants, suppliers, stakeholders etc.), and on the other hand, young talents. In both cases, the goal is internal and employer branding: improving communication within the company helps build corporate reputation and employees’ and contractors’ perception of where they work. Positive company perception and reputation thus increase the company’s potential to attract new talents to join the team, and cascade to attract investors and new employees.”

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